Auto Generated Career Roadmaps Leveraging  AI

Roadmap viewer

Attach learnings to roadmaps.

Attach any learning directly into your career roadmaps and enhance your learning journeys. Easily map your learning into roadmaps and provide visibility for your people so they can clearly see what needs to be achieved.

Behaviours and skills mapped in real-time

You teams can watch in real-time as they earn skills learnings and how these contribute to their career development.

Roadmap skills
Roadmap viewer

See the future, drive focus

Not only can your teams to view their career roadmap and the future career opportunities, but they have a clear expectation of behaviours and skills they need to get that next promotion.

Provide feedback and promote

Let your people and their managers provide feedback on career progress. A great tool for self-reflection & growth. If they are on track then promote and celebrate!

Roadmap assessments

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